How to Sign Up or Activate Reliance Jio Prime Membership with MyJio App or Jio website

Reliance Jio has been changing the Networking scene in India ever since its launch and has had all the Telecom companies on their heels and managed to gather 100 million users in India by offering free 4G Internet free of cost from the past few months. With the honeymoon period over, Reliance will start to charge its customers by introducing a Jio Prime Membership offer. Reliance has made sure that they will be having a clear idea about who will be their permanent customers as they have set a time period for enrolling into the Prime Membership offer – March 1st 2017 to March 31st 2017 the day on which the Free New Year offer expires.  

How to Sign up or activate Reliance Jio Prime membership thorugh MyJio app or jio website

If you are planning to be with Jio, make sure that you enroll into the Jio Prime Membership offer by paying Rs. 99 for 1 year. Reliance has made sure that Prime members will be getting a lot of benefits in every plan which they are offering in comparison to the Non-Prime members. We have explained what you will be getting with Prime and what you are losing by being a Non-Prime user –

If you are one of the existing Reliance Jio user, we will be showing you different ways on how to sign up or enter the Reliance Jio Prime Membership plan from the “My Jio” App as well as “” website and the other option is to head to the nearest Reliance store and get the recharge done.

How to Sign Up or Activate Jio Prime Membership using MyJio App:

  • Launch the MyJio App from your smartphone and make sure that it is updated to the latest version – v3.2.27 or later
  • Now you can either wait for the scroller on the top to show the Jio Prime membership offer and tap on it or you can tap on the MyJio option seen below the scroller to launch the app
  • If you tap on the offer, you will be directed to the Jio Prime page or if you have clicked on the My Jio option you need to tap on the three bars icon the top left of the screen which will show multiple options, tap on the first option from the list – Jio Prime
  • You will be seeing the Jio Prime page, two option at the bottom of the page will be – “Get Jio Prime” and “Gift Jio Prime”. If you want to get the Prime membership for yourself tap on Get Jio Prime and if you are purchasing it for others tap on Gift Jio Prime
  • Follow the instructions given and then pay the Rs. 99 amount to become Jio Prime member (Some users were not getting this page and this is mostly due to the heavy load on Servers and you can just try it some other time as we have till March 31st to do it)

Once you have recharged for the Prime membership, there will be no need to do the other recharges – 149, 303 etc now as the Free New Year offer is valid till March 31st.

How to Sign Up or Activate Reliance Jio Prime offer from website:

  • Go to
  • Here you will have to Sign in to your account, if you have not signed up earlier you can do it now
  • Now you will be seeing “One Time Jio Prime Membership” option, tap on it and pay Rs. 99 (you get multiple options to pay – credit/debit cards, Jio Money, internet banking)

Note: Many users are not able to get to the Recahrge page as there is heavy traffic to the website and in the App as well, so there is no hurry and you can do the recharge anytime before March 31st as the Happy New Year offer is acitve till this date.

You can activate or Sign up for the Reliance Jio Prime membership offer by heading to the nearest Reliance Store (Reliance Digital or Xpress Mini) with your Jio SIM and smartphone to get the recharge done to your number or for other numbers.


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