How to share internet over Bluetooth in Windows phones

If you are using internet on your Windows smartphone and you are having any other device which you want to share your internet with your friends or any other Android or Windows smart phone or tablet device you can do that by sharing internet over Bluetooth connection. You can share internet over any Windows device like Nokia Lumia devices, HTC devices and other devices having Windows 8.0 OS.

So let us see How to share internet from Windows device to other devices over Bluetooth:

how to share internet over bluetooth from windows phone

  1. Tap and open Settings app
  2. Now scroll through the options and tap on Internet Sharing
  3. You will find two options whether to share internet over WiFi or Bluetooth
  4. From the options below tap on Bluetooth
  5. Now take the device which you want internet on android or windows Smartphone or Tablet and turn on the Bluetooth connection and pair it with the Windows device form which you are sharing internet.
  6. You have to pair both the devices over bluetooth after which you have to go to Blurtooth settings in the device in which you want internet in.
  7. Find the Windows device name in the list of available paired bluetooth connections
  8. Then tap on the settings icon of your Windows phone from which you want to share your internet from
  9.  In the options tap on profile which says “Internet Access” and Enable it

Now you can use internet on your device and if you want to disconnect or enable or disable access to any device getting internet over bluetooth you can do so by going into Windows Phone internet Share settings. With this trick you can connect 7 devices and share internet over it.

If you are using or sharing internet over WiFi and want to share internet over Bluetooth by following these steps. If you have multiple devices connected over Bluetooth sharing internet and want to disconnect any one device you can go to Internet share settings and Unpair any one device.

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