How to Setup and Use VR Headset with any Android smartphone

Virtual Reality is the new trend these days with many cheap VR headsets making it into the market and a lot of VR data flooding the market. So it is quite natural for everyone of us to get a VR headset and try out the new Virtual Reality Experience. There are quite a few Manufacturers who are providing VR headsets Free with the smartphones, the costlier one being Samsung Galaxy S7 providing the Gear VR Free or Lenovo which is on the cheaper end providing a free VR headset with the Lenovo K4 Note.

So if you are looking to try out the latest VR experience you need to make sure that your Android Smartphone supports Virtual Reality. With many apps available on Play Store which let you view VR content on your smartphone.

How to set up and use VR headset with any smartphone

How to check if my Android Smartphone supports Virtual Reality:

You do need to check whether your Android smartphone supports Virtual Reality or not before purchasing a VR headset. So follow the steps below to check whether your Android smartphone supports Virtual Reality.

Option 1: Virtual Reality requires Gyroscope sensor to work, and the best option is to check online whether your device comes with a Gyroscope or not and if it is present you are ready to go.

Option 2: If you are not able to find the details, you can down an App from Play Store – EZE-VR App which checks automatically whether your devices is equipped with the required sensors to support Virtual Reality or not.

How to Setup and Use VR Headset with any Android smartphone:

  • First step is to make sure that your Android device supports Virtual Reality
  • You have various types of VR headsets, something like a Google Cardboard which is affordable but does not come with many manual options to adjust according to your preference and the other ones are the Gear VR which comes with adjustable lens to set the interpupillary distance.
  • There are apps in Play Store like the Google Cardboard App which helps you set up the VR headset to match your eyes and the smartphone size you are using.
  • Launch the App after installing it and place your smartphone into the VR headset
  • Make sure that the center line is under the vertical dividing plate in the headset and the image is centered top to bottom in the viewer
  • The lens should be horizontally aligned with your eyes, the lens should also be aligned by moving them in and out until you can view the sharpest image while having a complete view
  • Once you can see the sharpest images and full view is available you are done
  • Just make sure that the interpupillary distance is aligned properly

Now you can view videos supporting VR in Apps like YouTube and NetFlix which I found are the best source for such content online. Enjoy with the Virtual Reality Experience and make sure to mention about any other easier methods or Apps which you have found useful in viewing VR content.

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