How to Set or Change YouTube Default Video Playback Quality

YouTube consumption is one of the highest in todays world, right from little kids seeing children’s videos to cooking videos for adults, fashion, travelling, Devotional, etc. Video Content consumes up a lot of data and if you have set your Default Video Quality setting to High, then be prepared for finishing up your data fast. With the recent updates YouTube has included 4k and 8k Video quality as well and if your device supports the quality we can expect the data to finish in a jiffy.

To make sure that you save your data, YouTube has an option to set your Default Video or Picture Quality or Data Saver which plays Videos on a default setting which you have selected instead of in Auto. In Auto setting the Video will play in the highest quality which your data network supports thus consuming more data.

So let us look at the How you can change Default Video Playback Quality for YouTube.

Steps to Change Default Video Playback Quality for YouTube:

  • Launch YouTube Video Application in your smartphone
  • Now tap on your Profile picture and then Go to Settings
  • Here after the latest update, you can see the Option “Video Quality Preferences” below auto play, tap on it.
  • If you do not find this option, you need to go to “General” – Here you can seen the option – “Limit Mobile Data Usage” tap on it to turn on the toggle switch.
  • If you are in Video Quality Preferences you will be seeing the following options – Auto (recommended) Higher picture Quality, Data Saver under Mobile Networks and on Wi-Fi.
  • Select any one of the options, (I would say choose Auto for Wi-Fi and Data Saver for Mobile Networks)

There is no option to choose a particular Video quality as default – 4K, 1080p, 720p etc, as different videos have different upload qualities. So you can select Auto which changes the Video Quality depending on your Wi-Fi or Mobile network speeds.

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