How to Set 6 digit Password in Apple Watch

Apple Watches are capable of many stuff which your smartphone can do, with such data being available it is important to Lock your Apple Watch using a 6 digit password to protect your data from prying eyes. During initial set up you get the option to set a 4-digit passcode to unlock your watch, but if you want to upgrade your privacy and set a 6-digit code you need to follow the guide mentioned below.

Apple’s WatchOS does not let you directly set a 6-digit passcode but you need to first 4-digt passcode and then later change it to 6 digit passcode. Let us look at the steps with which you can set it.

How to set a 6-digit passcode on Apple Watch:

You need to set a normal 4-digit password by following the simple steps and then change it to the more complicated 6-digit passcode which is difficult to decrypt.

  • Press the Digital Crown button on your Apple watch to go to Home Screen
  • Go to Settings App by scrolling to the bottom
  • Now tap on Passcode listed under settings by scrolling to the bottom
  • Tap on the Turn Passcode On option and set the 4-digit passcode, in case you already have a passcode set, ignore this step.
  • Now scroll to the bottom of the display and tap on Simple Passcode toggle switch
  • You have to enter your 4-digit passcode first to verify that its you and then enter your preferred 6-digit passcode in the next screen.
  • Now Tap on OK and then you need to enter it once again to confirm the changes.

You can change the passcode in the same manner by selecting the option Change passcode under the option Turn Passcode Off option under Passcode. It is always preferable to set a passcode on your Apple Watch as it performs most functions such as SMS, Calls, Alerts, etc. which your smartphone can perform.

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