How to Schedule messages in WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp is the top Instant Messaging App currently and the user base is growing at an exponential pace with the number crossing 1 billion users monthly. The user friendly features and the interface are what make WhatsApp so popular.

There are many useful and handy features which make it the most desirable Instant Messaging App on both Android and and iOS platforms. One of the features which is missing in WhatsApp is the scheduling of messages feature. This lets you schedule a message before hand to be delivered on a particular date at a particular time, in situations like Birthdays scheduling a message at 12 o clock might sometimes save you from a tricky situation in case you forget.

Schedule messages in whatsapp

The feature which WhatsApp has not yet provided can be acquired with the help of a Tweak from Cydia called “Message Scheduler”. This Tweak does not send the message directly without your intervention, it gives a pop up message or notification reminding you to send or edit the message before sending.

Note: This app is available on Cydia and you need a Jail broken iPhone to install it.

How to Schedule Message on WhatsApp for iPhone:

As mentioned earlier you need a Jailbroken iPhone to continue with the steps, and have Cydia installed.

In Cydia search for “Message Scheduler”¬† Tweak which is a paid purchase and not free. It costs you $0.99, but trust me it was useful and helpful in many situations. In case you want to download it for free from Cydia, there are many tutorials which tell you how to do that, all over the internet, you can follow any one of those.

After installing the Tweak you do not have to do anything, as it automatically gets added to the message menu.

To schedule a message, go to the contact to which you want to schedule the message and type in the message.

Now press and hold the Send button until you see the “Schedule a Message” option along with the various options like take a photo or video, share location etc. After selecting Schedule a message you will be getting Date and Time (hours and minutes) options to set. And its done you have successfully scheduled the message.

How to Schedule WhatsApp messages in iPhone

When the Scheduled the time arrives, you will be getting a pop-up box on the scheduled date and time, which reads “Schedule message” obviously. You will get the options Send, Edit and Cancel.

If the message has been pre set then you can directly press of Send and if you want to change the content of the message or add something press the Edit option.

This is a great little tweak for WhatsApp messenger and until the feature is added officially into the App we have to manage with this tweak which is possible only on Jaibroken iPhones unfortunately. Do let us know if you have any other method which makes scheduling easier, we can share with our readers and make life easier for fellow WhatsApp and iPhone users.


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