How to save or convert WhatsApp Conversation as a text file or word document

Social Networking has taken over our everyday lives in a big way with almost everyone using a smartphone now using WhatsApp or similar Instant messaging apps for chatting or networking with family, friends and others as well. With the huge number of chat groups with hundreds of messages being received we can never be up to date with the groups and if there is something important in a group chat or a personal chat which you want to save for future there is the traditional way РHow to Back up WhatsApp chat in Google Drive and if you want to save any particular chat in a word format or save it on your computer and if you want to take a print out any chat you can save the chat as a text file.

You can send the Chat as an Email in Word format, you can not only save the text but also save the media files as well in the chat. The WhatsApp chat history will be sent to your mail as an attachment which can be downloaded and saved to your PC or Laptop as well.

How to save WhatsApp chat as Text file or Word Document

The option to back up chat as well as to convert the chat history to a text file is provided by WhatsApp which can be accessed and the text file sent as a document with media or without media files. This can be really useful if you have something important to share and some chats can also be saved in cases where the details can be used in courts or as evidence.

how to save whatsapp chat history as a text file

  • Launch WhatsApp and open the Chat which you would like to save as a text file
  • Now tap on the three dot icon on the Top Right side of the chat page
  • From the drop down menu tap on More
  • You will be getting three options – Clear Chat, Email Chat and Add Shortcut. Tap on Email Chat
  • You will be getting a pop up page showing the option – Without media or Attach Media
  • If you choose Attach Media all the photos and videos will be saved which might take a lot of time depending on the size of the files
  • If you choose Without media, the text version file ¬†various you will be getting the list of Email clients installed in your device, select the required option and you will be directed to the app
  • Now enter the “To” mail address and send the Chat history to the desired mail address


You now have the complete chat history in your mail as a text file which can be forwarded to others as well or saved and viewed on your Laptop or PC. This is the best way to save the chat history in all your devices and have some important information saved for future use.


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