How to Save Instagram Live Video on your Android or iPhone devices

Instagram had introduced Live Video Broadcasting feature a couple of months back along with Your Story feature which has been quite successful as we can see many users using the Live Video feature to share their everyday life or to even showcase your products etc. One feature which is not available directly is the option to save your Instagram Live Video on your Android or iOS smartphone. If you are sharing some important or useful video which you would like to see later, the best option would be to download the Live Video onto your smartphone and view it later. We have the solution for you, follow these steps to download and save Live Instagram Videos on your Android or iPhone device to watch them later without visiting Instagram.

How to save Instagram Live Videos on your Android or iOS devices

How to Save Live Video on Android or iOS smartphone:

On your Android or iOS device, launch the Instagram application

From the Home page, Swipe the screen to the Right which will launch the camera in the App

You might receive a Notification from the App asking for Permission to access your camera and microphone, tap on OK. (Some users might not get this message)

Now the camera will be set in”Normal” mode, to activate the Live Video mode swipe the screen to right or tap on the Live option seen below the capture button on the lower left side of the screen

As soon as you get to the Live video screen, you will get an option “Start Live Video” once you tap on it the Live video will start broadcasting and your friends will be notified. Go ahead and broadcast the Live Video which you want to save.

Now tap on End to finish the Live Video, after the Video has ended you will be seeing an option or button “Save” on the right side top of the display. Tap on it and the Live Video which was just broadcasted will be stored on your device both “iOS and Android”

You might be wondering where to access the Saved Instagram Video in your device?

The saved Instagram video will be stored in the Gallery in your device, both iOS and Android in the Instagram folder where all your photos are saved.

Instagram has not given a default option to store all the videos as some users constantly stream live videos and if all of them are stored your device, there will not be any storage space left on your device. So you can save each video after you end the live stream depending on your requirement.

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