How to Save Battery while playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the latest trend in the world these days with every other person with a smartphone talking and playing the game on their devices day in and day out. With the game being an Augmented reality game taking the gameplay and fusing it with physical world tends to take up a lot of battery life while in use. Niantic has developed Pokemon Go as a free-to-play AR game which uses your Wi-Fi or mobile data, GPS and camera access all at the same time drinking up your battery juice rapidly.

Some people are carrying around a power bank to tackle this problem and others are opting for smartphones with bigger battery capacity to last longer, but if you are looking to extend the battery life of your Android smartphone to last longer while playing Pokemon Go follow these simple tricks.

Increase battery life while playing Pokemon Go

Enable Battery Saving in Pokemon Go: Luckily the first thing to do is activate the Battery Saving option which is available in the App. It is not clear how the battery saving option works but you can activate it by following these steps – Launch Pokemon Go App -> Tap on the Pokeball -> tap on Settings -> Tap on Battery Saver option to activate it.

How to increase Battery life while playing Pokemon Go in any Android Smartphone

Decrease Screen Brightness: Display is one of the major battery hogging features in any smartphone and mostly the battery performance is measured as Screen on Time. So decreasing the screen brightness is one of the main options which can increase battery life considerably. You can decrease the smartphone brightness from Display Settings.

Turn Off Vibration, Sound effect, and Music: In the Pokemon App you have the options Music, Sound Effects and Vibration in the Settings page above the Battery Saver option. All these options should also be turned Off to save battery life. Vibration takes up a lot of battery juice which can be saved by choosing to turn off Vibration.

Turn Off Augmented Reality while catching Pokemon: While catching a Pokemon in Pokemon Go it uses Augmented Reality which can take up battery juice considerably and luckily there is an option given in the App to turn off AR whenever required. To turn off AR mode you need to tap on the AR button located on the top right-hand corner of the screen while catching a Pokemon. This just turns off the additional animations but lets you catch the Pokemon and there will not be any hindrance with the gameplay.

Do try the above-mentioned steps and make sure to mention the amount of increase in battery life attained in your smartphone.

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