How to Reserve or Get Windows 10 update for Free in Laptop or PC

Microsoft has made it a point to make all their users genuine by pushing out free updates to users which was earlier done for the Windows 8 and now it has started pushing notifications for the Windows 10 as well. Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be available form July 29th for users who have registered for the free upgrade.

The devices which are going to get this Free Windows 10 upgrade are Laptops, PC’s and Tablets running on Windows 7 and windows 8.1. With Windows 10 Microsoft will be trying to fix the problem many users have faced with the touchscreen focused OS Windows 8 which was not much welcomed by PC and Laptop users.

There are many new features in Windows 10 like the new Browser called Edge, revamped Start Menu, Cortana voice assistant and Microsoft is planning to make it a point to have a single OS across all platforms like PC’s Laptops, Tablets and smartphones with Windows 10 release to all the devices.

How to get or Reserve Windows 10 Free copy in your Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 running PC, Laptop or Tablet:

Make sure that your Laptop or PC is running on Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or on windows 8.1, you should also keep the Automated updates enabled to let Microsoft push the update notifications to your System.

As seen in the image you will be getting a notification on the Lower Right side of the task bar on your screen which is the Windows Logo.

windows 10 free update for windows 7 and 8.1

Just Click on the logo and a new window appears which will show you the steps to Reserve your copy of Free windows 10.

The various options about the new Windows 10 OS are explained in the slides and you can confirm the upgrade by entering your email address and click on the “Send Confirmation” button.

how to upgrade to windows 10 in your laptop or pc for free

It is done you have successfully reserved your PC or Laptop to get the Windows 10 update Free of cost and it will notify you when the update is available which is confirmed to be After July 29th depending on the region you are from.

You can Download the Window 10 file and install it when you are ready.

How to Cancel Free Windows 10 Reservation:

In case you have changed your mind and want to cancel the Windows 10 reservation which you have made earlier then follow these steps to Cancel your reservation.

Click on the Windows Icon in the Task bar at the lower right corner.

In the first window which appears on the left top corner you will be seeing three horizontal lines. Click on it which will give you the menu box.

How to cancel Window 10 free copy reservation

Here you have to click on the View Confirmation link at the bottom.

A new window will appear and you will see the “Cancel Reservation” option on the lower left of the window. Click on it and you will be cancelling the reservation for the Windows 10 upgrade on your laptop or PC.

How to cancel reservation for Free windows 10 upgrade on window 7 and 8.1

Make sure that you have upgraded your laptop or PC to Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 to be eligible to get the update from Microsoft. The free upgrade will be available from July 29th to One year after which you will have to purchase the copy of Windows 10 for your laptop or PC. Not all Windows 8.1 versions are going to get the update, Windows RT 8.1 has not been included in the OS versions to get the update.

In case you miss out on the Free upgrade you will have to purchase the Windows 10 OS and it will be costing you Windows 10 Home – $119, Windows 10 Pro – $199, Windows 10 Pro Pack -$99 (lets you upgrade from Windows 10 home to Pro).

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