How to Reopen Closed Tabs in Google Chrome for Android Mobile and PC

Google Chrome is one of the most used Internet Browsers used both in Mobiles (Android) and Desktops alike. Google Chrome for Desktop or Windows always had the feature to reopen any recently closed tab either by mistake or on purpose, the same feature was lacking in the Google Chrome Browser for your Android Smartphone. But with the new update the Same feature “Recently Closed” has been introduced into Chrome for Android as well.

This was a must as per the latest stats regarding Online Browsing, Desktop and Laptop usage has drastically decreased and Mobile internet usage and Browsing has increased many fold. So let me show you How you can Reopen Closed tabs in Google Chrome for Android smartphone and will also show How to Reopen Closed tabs in Google Chrome for Windows Desktop.

Steps to Reopen closed Tabs in Google Chrome for Android devices:

Open Google Chrome App on your Android (if not open already)

To open the recently closed the Web pages which you want to open now

Tap on the Three Dot icon on the top right corner of the display

Here in the Drop down menu, you can see the option “Recently Closed“, tap on it

How to reopen closed tabs in Google Chrome for Android smartphones

You will be taken to the Recently closed page, here you can see the various devices which are connected to your Gmail account and the history of these devices

If you want to open a tab closed recently on the same device, tap on the Show Full History option to see the list of closed web pages

Tap on the webpage you like to open and you are done.

How to check Google Chrome Search history of all devices connected to Gmail account

To see history and open a webpage closed on other devices synced to your Gmail, you can tap on any of the device given in the list and the history of webpages will open.

To open Recently closed tabs on your Google Chrome browser for Windows Laptop or PC you need to follow the same steps and tap on the link you need to open the website you wish to visit.

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