How to Remove Prisma Watermark from photos in Android App

There are a lot of photo editing apps out there in the market but one that has taken every smartphone user by storm is Prisma which has been officially available for Android users earlier this week. It has been available for iOS users from a couple of weeks now. The secret to its success is that it uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence and neural networks which help turn your photos into artworks.

It comes with Modern art filters and photo effects as well and the effects are not added over the photo like in other photo editing apps but it offloads the photo taken to a server where the editing magic takes place by the AI. Recently with the launch of the Android App the server seems to be down occasionally thanks to the excessive use of the App which seems to be rectified now, but one more problem most users are facing is the PRISMA watermark which can be seen on all photos at the right side bottom of the photo. So if you want to remove this Watermark from the photos edited on Prisma follow these steps to remove watermark from Prisma.

How to remove watermark on photos taken in Prisma App

Steps to remove Prisma watermark from Photos edited in Android App:

  • Launch the Prisma App on your Android smartphone and make sure that you have the latest version installed on your device
  • Once the App is launched, tap on the Gear icon seen on the right side middle of the screen which takes you to the settings page
  • Here you can see the various options available like Save original photos, Save artworks automatically and Add Watermark.
  • If you are seeing the Prisma watermark on your photos, the Add Watermark toggle feature must be On.
  • All you have to do is Tap on the Add Watermark option to turn it Off.

That’s it you are done, now try clicking and photo to check that the Prisma watermark is removed from the photos taken from the App on your Android device.

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