How to Remove or Uninstall Pre Installed Applications form new Micromax smartphone

When you buy any new smartphone there come a huge list of pre-installed apps from the company. This can be a tie-up between the manufacturer and the App but in the end we are the losers with less space and more load on the RAM. These pre-installed apps cannot be removed or uninstalled like the other apps which we have downloaded from play store. So to get rid or disable these forced pre-installed apps from your Micromax Smartphones, follow these steps.

In case you want to permanently delete the apps you need to Root your deviceĀ if you do not like rooting your device then there is another way which lets you disable the pre-loaded apps. This lets you enable the apps anytime you change your mind and wish to use the app.

How to disable or remove pre installed applications in micromax smartphones

Steps to Disable or Remove pre-installed applications from Micromax smartphones:

  • Tap on the settings icon
  • Scroll through the list and tap on Applications and Applications manager to launch it
  • You have to now search through the apps list and tap on the apps which you want to disable
  • From the App page tap on the Disable option
  • A Pop-up message appears asking your permission to disable the app, tap on OK

You can Disable any pre-installed application, but make sure that you are not touching any applications related your Google Account, MTK etc and System Apps as well which might affect the functioning of the OS. The Applications once disabled will not be appearing in the Main menu, in case you want to permanently delete the applications, Rooting your phone is the only option.

In case you have disabled any application like the call app, you can enable it back again by following the same steps Settings -> Apps -> Tap on app -> Enable. You will now be able to view the application in the main menu and move it to your Home page.

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