How to Remove or Disable the Last Seen Status in Whats App in Android and Apple

Whats App from its introduction into the Smartphone market has replaced SMS messaging because people are fed up with the increasing rates by the Service Providers. Whats app provides free messaging multimedia, photos, videos etc for free with just an internet connection which makes it very easy and soft on your pocket.

There has been a problem which many are facing regarding the last seen time stamp which appears when you view the message sent by someone and in case you are not willing to reply back, you will be in a bad place as the other person will know that you have read the message and not replying to it.

How to Disable Seen Timestamp in Facebook Chat

There are 2 ways to Remove or Disable Last seen text or status in Whats App in Android or Apple:

  1. Disable “Last Seen” Status in Whats App Manually
  2. Disable “Last Seen” Status in Whats App using Apps

How to hide or disable last seen timestamp in whatsapp

Disable Last Seen Status in Whats App form new settings:

What’s App after being acquired by Facebook has introduced a new Option directly in Settings to Disable or Hide Last Seen status, the option can be seen as “Who can See my Personal Info” which can be reached by following the steps which are mentioned below with related Screenshots of the same.

Launch Whats app in your Mobile or Tablet device

Click on the 3 dots icon on the right side top of the screen on your device

From that select Settingshide last seen status in whats app settings tutorial

You will then have to select Account from the list of options seenhide last seen status in whats app

In the Accounts page select Privacy in the list of options seenWho can see my personal info in whats app settingsIn the Privacy page you can see many options which help you from hiding your personal info like Last Seen status, Profile Photo, Status etc from either Everyone or My Contacts or Nobody. how to hide last seen status in Whats App settingsClick on the Last Seen status in the list and Select what you wish to do,

  • if you don’t want to show anyone your Last Seen status click on – Nobody
  • if you want only your Contacts to see your Last Seen Status click on – My Contacts
  • if you want Everyone to see your Last seen status click on – Everyone

You can do the same on Profile photo and Status to hide them from being seen by your contacts of Everyone.

Disable Last Seen Text in Whats App Manually:

Whats App will update the “Last Seen” text if Internet connection is ON because it can detect this when you open the message. So all you have to do is Disconnect your Internet Connection and Read the message sent and then close Whats App and switch on your internet connection. Follow these steps to manually Disable “Last Seen” Status in whats app.

  1. If Whats App is open – Close it
  2. Go to Your Phone settings – and Switch off / Disconnect Wifi or Network internet connection
  3. Go and Launch Whats App
  4. Read all the messages you have got (Remember you cannot reply, as internet connection is switched off)
  5. Now Again go to Your Phone settings – and Switch ON / Reconnect Wifi or Network internet connection
  6. Open Whats App and reply if you want to any of the messages you just recieved
  7. Whats app will not update your Last Login Time

Disable Last Seen Text in Whats App using Apps in Android or Apple iPhone:

There are many apps in Both Android Play Store and Apple Store which let us remove Timestamp or Last seen status in What’s App, but remember one thing that all the apps do is Switch off your internet connection and nothing else. So if you think that switching off internet connection manually is too lengthy you can download and install these apps.

Apps For Android to Disable Last Seen Timestamp in Whats App: (Not Recommended)

I am Linking the Apps to the Play Store, but i personally do not recommend these apps as these are paid apps and they do what we can do manually easily so think twice before you buy these Apps.

  1. What’s Hide Last Seen Whats App
  2. What’s App Last Seen Remover

Whats App has become a part and parcel of the young generations life and hope these tricks will be helpful to you. Do not forget to like our Facebook Page for more such Updates regularly – TechknowZone


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