How to remove Bloatware or Pre installed Apps from Android Devices – Rooted and Non rooted

Getting a new smartphone is very exiting thing these days as it is thing which is personal and you have a lot of expectations and thoughts around what you will be doing after getting the smartphone in your hand. With the increase in the number of Apps and the smartphone manufacturers actively installing apps in your new smartphone before hand – called as Bloatware or pre installed or pre loaded apps can eat away a lot of storage space in your smartphone.

If you buy a smartphone with say 8GB of storage space, with the OS and the pre installed apps you end up having just slightly more than half of the space available for use. We cannot alter or use the space taken up by the OS but we can surely use the space taken up by the numerous Apps which are mostly not used by us. So let us look at the steps which we can take to remove or disable these apps to free up some space and use it to give ourselves some space.

How to remove or delete pre loaded apps or bloatware in Android device

How to Remove or Disable Pre-installed apps or Bloatware in Non-Rooted Android smartphone:

If you are using a Non-rooted, we have some bad news you cannot delete most of the pre installed Apps from your Android smartphone. As most of the manufacturers and carriers disable to the option to remove the app completely. Do not worry as you can Disable the App or can be hidden which does not free up the storage space but prevents the App from hindering in its performance.

  • Go to Settings in your Android device
  • Scroll through the list and tap on Apps or Applications
  • Now from the list of Apps tap on the App which you want to disable
  • You will get the options Disable and Force Stop – Tap on Force Stop and then Disable

In Android 6.0 Marshmallow the App Data and Cache need not be cleared as it will be done automatically but with OS earlier to Android 6.0 it is important to Clear Data and Clear cache which will free up some space.

How to remove Bloatware or pre installed Apps in Rooted Android devices:

With Rooted Android devices it is a cake walk to remove the pre installed Apps or Bloatware with the help of some Apps. Some of the free Apps which I have found useful are App Quarantine and NoBloat which can useful in not just removing the pre installed Applications or Bloatware but also let you Backup the data which can be recovered if something goes wrong with the process. If you do not mind paying for the Apps, you can also try out Titanium Backup which has been given good reviews from users, although I have never used it personally.

So let us see how you can remove pre installed Apps or Bloatware using the NoBloat Apps – Tap on the app to launch it and then tap on “System Apps”, you will be seeing the list of Apps installed. Tap on the App which you would like to remove. You will get the options “backup”, “Backup and delete” and “delete without backup” tap on the last option if you have never used the app and have no data on it. If you have used the app earlier and want to keep the data to be used later one select the Backup and delete option.

If you have chosen the backup and delete option make sure that the data is stored on the microSD card or the system memory will be saving the data and the whole purpose of clearing the storage space is not fulfilled. And that is it you have successfully freed some space from internal storage which makes your device faster and allows you to install apps which you actually use.

If you do not want to go through all this it is best to look for smartphones which come with stock Android, which means there is little or no bloatware or pre isntalled applications on the device and the Nexus series of devices along with the Motorola ones come in this category. The OnePlus 3 is also one of the smartphones which was close to stock Android.

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