How to Reboot your Android devices in Recovery Mode

We have many tutorials to solve errors which have the option of Rebooting your Android device which will help solve some errors but i have seen that many users ask how to actually Reboot their Android Device, so here we are going to show you how to Reboot your Android device mainly helpful for Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Galaxy Tab 2 and other Samsung devices.

Let me tell you first When is Rebooting your Android device required:

  1. When your device is Stuck in Boot Loop
  2. When you has Apps that are Stuck
  3. When your Android device has become Slow
  4. When some of your Apps are Showing Errors while starting

Ok so once you know that when you require Rebooting your Android device we will be showing you steps to reboot your android device into Recovery Mode.

Turn Off the Device: You have to switch off your android device which you want to reboot into recovery mode, in case your device is stuck in Boot Loop you can even remove the Battery to turn off the device. Wait till the device is turned off completely before you go on with the next step. how to reboot your device from recovery mode in android

Enter Recovery Mode: 

  1. In case of devices like Galaxy Tab 2 or Tab 3 and older devices like Galaxy S2 you have to Hold the Power + Volume Up button at the same time and hold it down until the Samsung Logo appears.
  2. In devices like Galaxy S3, S4 and S5 you have to Hold the Power + Volume Up + Home Button together at the same time and hold them down till the Samsung Logo appears.

Note: You can navigate here with the help of up and down Volume buttons.

Rebooting in Recovery Mode:

After your device has Started you will be able to see Menu List  with options which are highlighted with a Blue bar. Move around the options with the help of Volume rockers and to Accept/Select an options you have to use the Power button.

In Android System rEcovery you will be seeing the following options:

  1. Reboot System Now
  2. Apply Update from ADB
  3. Apply update from external storage
  4. Wipe date / factory reset
  5. Wipe cache partition
  6. Apply Update from cache

The first option is what we need “Reboot system now” select this and your device will reboot completely on its own and restart. It might take some time so do not worry if it is taking a bit of time. And in case it is going on for more that 30 mins follow the same procedure again.

With this Technique and these Steps you can also do Factory Reset, clear Cache, and apply Update from External storage like SD card in .zip files on your Android Devices like Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5 and Galaxy Tabs


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