How to Quote or Reply to specific messages in WhatsApp for Android and iPhone

There are a lot of new features being introduced into Messaging platforms recently and the top Messaging platform, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature which is quite useful as well. Now you can Quote messages or Reply to a specific message in a conversation. With the addition of Groups in WhatsApp which lets you add a maximum number of 256 users.

WhatsApp has silently rolled out the update to both Android (version 2. 16. 118) and iOS (version 2. 16. 6) with the latest version of the App on their respective app stores. With the most recent updates, the feature is available for users, but if you did not get the update you need to wait for some more time as it is being rolled out in phases and will be available in your region shortly.

How to quote or reply to a specific message in WhatsApp

So let us look at how to use this feature of Replying to a specific message or to quote a message. This feature will be more useful in groups and WhatsApp has included it for groups as well where multiple messages can become confusing and replies to a specific message can be lost in the discussion.

Steps to Quote or Reply to a Specific message in WhatsApp for iOS / iPhone:

  • When you receive a message to which you want to reply to, you have to long press or press and hold the specific message
  • You will get options in a pop up box – Star mark, Reply, Copy, Forward and Delete
  • Tap on Reply to get the keyboard to type in your reply to the specific message or quote the message
  • Tap on Send after typing the message

Steps to Quote or Reply to a Specific message in Whatsapp for Android:

  • It is the same with Android as well, press and hold the message to which you want to quote or reply to.
  • You will get a pop-up with the options – Reply, Forward and Delete
  • Tap on Reply
  • Now the keyboard will appear, type in your reply in the text box
  • Tap on Send and you have successfully quoted / replied to the specific message in the per-to-person chat or group chat in WhatsApp.

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To help in group chats, WhatsApp will be color coding each member of the group with a different color, this helps in identifying the user much faster. WhatsApp has been evolving quite well with new features like support for documents being included recently and there are rumors about the top Messaging platform thinking to add Video chat option as well.

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