How to properly Uninstall Apps from your Android device

Many times we use an App in our Android devices and when we are bored of the game or complete it and want to try out something new we tend to Uninstall this App or Game and install a new App to clear Space. But did you know that when you uninstall an application there are some files from the application which are left out in your device memory or storage. Which leads to unnecessary wastage of space on your android device.

So if you want to uninstall an app from your device fully without leaving any traces of it which means to clear out Cache and Data stored on your device follow the below given steps:

How to remove or uninstall apps completely in android devices

If you were using the application earlier make sure that it is completely stopped even from running in the background

  1. Not just closing the App but you have to go to Settings -> selects Apps or Application Manager -> from the list seen select the application which you want to delete and tap on it
  2. The app opens and you will be seeing the following options Force Stop – first tap on this,
  3. Next you have to tap on Clear Data,
  4. And then tap on Clear Cache, 
  5. And lastly tap on the Uninstall which will remove the application from your android device completely.

Clearing Data and Cache before you Uninstall the application is important because this way you can remove all the cache and data files stored in your device which can be unnecessary  waste of space.

Make sure you follow this procedure with all the applications which you are uninstalling be it small or big and for bigger applications more than 100 MB you must do it as more amount of cache and files are stored. These files will clog your system memory and this will decrease the processing speed and will in turn create lag on your device. You can do this with the help of Uninstaller applications as well as many are available in the app store but I will suggest you do it manually.

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