How to use Gmail to print Email from your Android Devices

Printing feature has just been included into the Gmail app by Google which will help us print mails directly from your Android Device when you have a printer with wifi connectivity included in its features.

So if you have an Android Device and you want to print an Email which is urgent and cannot go to your Laptop or PC for the same you can just use this tutorial to print the to print email from gmail app in android

Note: If you have the latest Android Kitkat OS you can use the Gmail App to directly download the app and if you have the older versions of the Android OS you have to login to your Gmail through your Browser and Print the Email.

How to Print Email from Gmail App in Android Kitkat OS: 

  1. Open your Gmail App
  2. Click on the Thread or Mail which you want to Print
  3. You will find 3 dots icon on the Left side which will give you some options
  4. Click on the Print All or Print in case of single mail
  5. Then Press the Print button to get the print outs from your Printer

How to Print Email from Gmail in OS older than Kitkat:

  1. Open the Google Chrome Browser in your Android Device
  2. Open Gmail (web version) and login to your account
  3. Select the Email which you want to Print
  4. Go to Toolbar options and Select Print

Before you try these tutorials you have to make sure that the wifi connectivity enabled Printers are switched on and are connected to your Android Devices.

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