How to post TikTok Videos from Laptop or Desktop PC

You can publish Videos on TikTok from your Laptop or PC using their website which we will be showing you in the post below. Recently Tiktok has surpassed Facebook with the number of downloads in Google Play Store making it one of the most used Social media apps which gives users the option to upload and view 15 seconds to 1 minute videos. Earlier TikTok was named Musically and it was re-branded and launched with many new features which were not present in Musically.

Where Musically only allowed Lip Sync videos, after being re-branded as TikTok new content such as Comedy Videos, educational, entertainment and any other skills one posses were being posted propelling the user base exponentially over months. Not just people but brands have started using TikTok as a platform to connect with audience and many Social Media Influencer’s have taken TikTok seriously. The UI of TikTok’s mobile app is very easy to post content from by directly recording it through the app, but if you want to post a Video from your Laptop or PC after Editing etc you can do it without the need to transfer it to your smartphone by following the steps mentioned below.

How to post Video on TikTok through Laptop or PC:

  1. Go to
  2. Now tap on the “Watch Now” option seen on the top right corner of the display
  3. You will be taken to Trending Videos page and top creators from TikTok
  4. Now you can see the upload option on the top right hand side of the display
  5. Click on it and you will be asked to log in using your credentials
  6. Log in and you will be taken to the Upload page, you can drag and drop the Video and enter the Caption, Cover and you will be getting Post option at the lower right border of the display.

You will also get the options of Who can view the Video – public or Friends only and other permissions like let users post comments, react etc.

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