How to Play Youtube Videos in Background with Display/Screen Off

Youtube has always been a big source of music videos, channels and playlists which drains up a lot of battery to play every time you want to hear the songs. But here is a solution to help you play the Youtube Videos on your phone by turning of the Display or even while working in the background and seeing Videos in a Pop up box.

If you are one like me and want to listen to Youtube videos and not see the video but instead turn the display Off to save some valuable battery life then here is a life saver App which can be directly installed from Google Play Store. Just follow the steps which i have mentioned below to Play Youtube Videos while the Display is turned Off or even play the Video in a Pop up box or Notification Box and Work on other stuff on your device.

1. Install the Application from Google Play store by clicking on the Link: Viral Popup (Youtube Player)

2. After installing the App which free on Play Store Launch the Application by tapping on the icon

3. Now search for any playlists or any Video which you want to see

4. After your Video is playing you can see on the Lower Right Side of the Video beside the Buffering line you are having a Square box with a smaller box icon.

How to play youtube video in pop up box in android devices

5. Tap on it and your Video will now be playing in a Pop Up Box which will allow you to see the video while you are working on any other stuff on your device. You can change the size of the video box to any size and shape you want it to be according to the work you are doing in the background.

6. Now if you are listening to any songs and want to stop seeing the Video and just listen to it then you have to tap on the Square icon which is present on the Right side top of the Screen beside the “X” mark. If you are not able to see these options just tap on the Video box.

How to paly youtube videos when display or screen is turned off in android devices

This is a great application which lets you turn off the display and play the videos in the background and also you can see the videos in a pop up box while you can work on your phone like chat in WhatsApp or browse any website or Facebook. This is a Free but useful app and this does not require installing any third party applications either.

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