How to Play Youtube Videos in background on Galaxy S8 or S8+

Samsung has launched one of the best designed smartphone of 2017 with the Galaxy S8 or S8+ having the infinity dual curved display with minimal bezels. It is a treat to watch videos on this display with Samsung giving a QuadHD AMOLED display to go with the infinity display. The Galaxy S8 comes with 5.8-inch and Galaxy S8+ sports a 6.2-inch display, although both devices have huge displays the foot print of the devices are very small making them easy to hold in hand.

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This makes it easier to hold in hand and video media without hurting your hand on long duration viewing of videos. Samsung has made sure you get the most out of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and has included an option of letting you play Youtube Videos in background. This is more useful for users who listen to Audio like songs etc and do not wish to see the video. Here are some simple steps to help you play Youtube video in the background with the display turned off.

Steps to Play Youtube Video in Background with Display turned Off in Galaxy S8 or S8+:

  • Launch the Youtube Application in your Galaxy S8 or S8+
  • Play any Video of your choice
  • Now connect the AKG headphones which are provided with the device
  • Turn the Display Off (the video will stop playing)
  • Now press the Play button on the headphones (located between the volume buttons)
  • The video will start playing and you can now turn on the display, minimize the Youtube application and scroll or use other applications on your Galaxy S8 or S8+

Following this method you can either play the Youtube Video in the background while using your phone or you can turn off the display and listed to Youtube without seeing the display which is useful in listening to Songs.

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