How to pin a Website to Windows 10 Start Menu

The inclusion of a Redesigned start menu is one of the major changes which we have seen in Windows 10. Microsoft has taken a lot of suggestions and complaints from users of Windows 8.1 into consideration and has made changes to the start menu. And now Windows 10 gets the start menu of Windows 7 with some features of Windows 8.1 added to it, giving the users complete control.

Pinning apps is one of the most useful features which has been added to the Start menu on Windows 10. Now you can pin your favorite and most commonly used websites to the start menu to get instant access to it without the need to go to apps section or launching a browser. In this article, we will let you to know how to pin a website to the start menu of Windows 10.

How to pin website to start menu

The process becomes easier if you are using Microsoft Edge browser.

  • Open the website which you want to pin to the start menu and select the three dots on the top right corner which will bring down the menu. From this menu, select “Pin this page to start” option.
  • You will be be seeing a confirmation message. Now click on Yes and you will be able to see the website available on the start menu. You can also rearrange it on the start menu.

For Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera browser:

How to pin website to Windows 10 Start menu and desktop

  • The process is a little bit different. In order to pin a website using any other browser apart from Microsoft Edge, you have to go to Desktop and give a right click and select “New Shortcut“.
  • In this step, you need to enter the URL of the website you want to pin to the start menu and then click “Next”.
  • In the next step, provide a name for your website.
  • Click “Finish” and now you will be able to see a shortcut created on the desktop.

There is yet another way to set the website in Start menu using Command Prompt.

  • The other way to create a shortcut on the desktop is to drag the website tab from the browser onto the desktop.
  • Now open command run (i.e Windows key + R) and type “shell:programs” and now press enter.
  • This will let you to open the folder where the shortcut to start menu programs are located. Now you need to copy this shortcut to this folder.
  • After doing this, open Start menu and click All apps and search for the shortcut which you just created. Once you get the shortcut in this list, give a right click and select “Pin to start” option.This website is now added to the start menu.

By doing this, you can now get access  over the most frequently used websites from the start menu. If you follow certain websites on a regular basis it is a very useful feature to pin it to the task bar making it easier to access and make yours work a lot less.

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