How to Pair or Connect Apple Watch with iPhone

With the Apple Watch being sold out and becoming an outright success there might be many users who would be struggling to pair your Apple watch to an iPhone. One thing to remember is that the Apple Watch can be paired only with iPhone 5 or later (5s, 6, and 6 plus). This method can also be used to either connect your Apple watch for the first time or restore it from backup.

Requirements for Pairing or Connecting Apple Watch with iPhone:

1. Apple Watch can only be connected to these iPhone models iPhone 5, 5cm 5sm 6 and 6 Plus.

2. The mentioned iPhone models should be running on iOS 8.2 and later for the pairing to be successful.

Steps to Pair or Connect Apple Watch with iPhone:

There are two methods to connect Apple watch with iPhone, one method is to pair it using your iPhone’s Camera and another method is to connect it manually. We are going to explain both the methods to you stepwise.

Steps to Pair or Connect Apple Watch with iPhone using Camera:

1. In your iPhone search for the Apple watch App and launch it

2. Turn on the Apple Watch by pressing on the Button which is on the right side of the device. Choose your language.

3. Here you will find a viewfinder in the screen which appears where you have to hold your Apple Watch below your Camera and align it to the viewfinder.
How to connect or pair apple watch with iphone or ipad

4. Now you will see a Screen where your watch is detected and you need to tap on the Start Pairing option.

5. Now follow the instructions given on the screen of your Apple watch to complete the pairing.

Steps to Pair or Connect Apple Watch with iPhone Manually:

1. Tap and launch the Apple Watch App on your iPhone

2. Then Tap on “Start Pairing” on the main screen of your device

3. Tap on the “Pair Apple Watch Manually” which is at the bottom of the camera viewfinder screen as seen in the image
How to manually connect Apple watch to iphone or ipad
4. Now take your Apple Watch and tap on the “i” icon on the screen which will show the device name

5. Select the name of your Apple watch in your iPhone app from the list which appears on your screen

Next all you have to do is just follow the steps which appear on your Apple Watch app and you will have your Apple Watch paired to your Apple iPhone.

You can install any applications on your Watch by downloading the apps from the special app store provided in the Apple Watch App on your iPhone. These Apps are third-party apps which should be downloaded in your iPhone and will work as extensions to your Apple watch. Apple has said that it will be allowing developers to work on Apps which will run specifically on Apple Watch itself.

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