How to Mute WhatsApp Chat Notifications and Calls

If you are part o multiple WhatsApp Groups – family, friends, office etc then you must be at the receiving end of a barge of messages everyday starting from Good morning messages in the morning to Good Night messages at night. It is particularly irritating when you receive some important meeting and your phone starts buzzing with notifications from WhatsApp messages. In most cases you cannot put your phone in Vibrate mode as you might miss regular calls and messages, so here is a simple method in which you can block or stop or mute WhatsApp Notifications or calls.

Follow the steps mentioned below and you can mute either a single Contact, single group or multiple contacts and groups without missing out on notifications from other contacts.

Steps to Mute Notifications from WhatsApp Contacts or Groups:

Open or Launch WhatsApp Application on your Android or iOS device

Now tap on the Group or Contact you would like to Mute, this will open their chat box

Now tap on the Group or Contact name on top of the box

Now you will see the option – “Mute Notifications” and a toggle switch beside it, tap on it and you can Mute or not see Notifications for any posts being shared in the group or by the contact.

To unmute notifications, you need to follow the same steps and tap on the toggle switch again to turn off mute notifications option

With these steps you wont be bothered with those never ending Notifications from your groups or certain contacts who make it a point to share each and every forward they receive.

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