How to Mute / Silent Message Threads in Windows 8.1 in Lumia and HTC devices

Messaging Apps are the most used platforms to converse in these days and this has become a boon and sometimes a distraction too because of the huge number of messages are coming from a single thread and a constant beeping or alert is being sounded.

After the Windows 8.1 update there has been a new feature which has been added which will let you Mute a Single thread from a single person and you will not be blocking it but just muting it, let me tell you the difference:

  • Blocking a Thread: You will not be getting any messages from that number
  • Muting a Thread or Number: You will be getting messages but not alerts

So you can Mute the thread and when you are free can reply to the messages with a peace of mind. So lets see how you can Mute a Thread in Windows messaging App in Windows 8.1How to mute or Silent and unmute thread or conversation in windows messaging app for windows 8.1

  1. Launch your Windows Messaging App and Tap and Hold on the Thread or Conversation which you want to Mute or Silent.
  2. Hold it for a few seconds until a pop up box appears or you can open the conversation and then tap on More options which will bring up a box from bottom of your screen.
  3. You will be getting three options Mute Thread, Delete thread and switch number. Tap on Mute Thread option.
  4. You will be getting a pop up box asking you to confirm whether to mute or cancel the request and tap on Mute button there.

Now you have successfully Mute or put the thread or conversation in Silent and you wont be getting any alerts and they will not be shown on your Live tile updates about the number of messages.

You can Unmute or disable mute of a thread or conversation by following the same method and then you will start getting the notifications and live tile updates. This feature is certainly useful when you are in a meeting and do not want constant alerts.

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