How to Move/Transfer Apps and Games to microSD card in Micromax devices

The size and number of Apps and games are becoming numerous day by day with new social apps, games and other productive applications being added to Google Play Store each day. In case of Micromax smartphones, the budget category phones come with nearly 4GB or 8GB internal storage space 1/4th of which will be occupied by the Operating system itself along with the pre-installed applications or Bloatware, you can Uninstall or Remove the preinstalled applications from Micromax devices to free up space.

To free up more space without deleting any applications, you can even transfer the applications stored in your phone memory to the SD card which you have inserted into your Micromax device. This way you get to keep your apps and games at the same time free up more memory to get those WhatsApp photos videos etc.

How to transfer apps and games to external sd card in micromax phones

Direct Method to Transfer Apps to External SD card from Settings:

This is the direct method where no external app or any other tweaking is required and directly from the settings you can transfer apps from internal memory to External SD card. Make note that some apps are not movable to External SD card and these apps cannot be transferred.

Let us start with the procedure, firstly go to Settings in your Micromax phone, then scroll through the list and tap on Apps, next you need to tap on the particular app or game which you want to transfer to External SD card. The App page will open and scroll down to find the “Move to External SD card” option, tap on it and the transfer will be completed. This way you have to manually transfer each app to SD card. In case the particular App is non-transferable, the Move to External SD card option will be inactive.

Using an App to transfer Apps to External SD card:

There are many apps which are created for this purpose and with these apps you can select multiple apps at a time and send them to external memory. The Apps which I found useful and simple to use are listed here – AppMgr III (App 2 SD), Send to SD card etc. These Apps have other functions too which can be helpful like AppMgr III which comes with Clearing Cache etc directly from the App.

With the above two methods you can transfer the Apps and Games from your device internal storage to External SD card. Some Apps cannot be transferred to External SD card and for these you might need to root your device.

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