How to make WhatsApp Group Video Calls in Android devices – Steps

WhatsApp under Facebook has been trying to introduce new features to help maintain its position in the Instant messaging market and one such feature is the introduction of Group Video call and Group Audio call option. Earlier you could make Video and Audio calls to one a single user and with the introduction of Group calling you can make calls to 4 users at a time. Facebook announced this feature during its annual F8 developer conference earlier this year. We are expecting the number of users in Group Video to be increased in the future when the final stable version is launched.

The WhatsApp video/audio group calling feature is available only in WhatsApp beta version v2.18.192.

How to make Group Video calls in WhatsApp

How to get WhatsApp beta version v2.18.192 for Group Video call?

To get the beta update with Group Video calling feature testers need to first install or update the app to version 2.18.189 to get the WhatsApp Video group call feature.

You need to install WhatsApp beta v2.18.192 to get the Group calling feature in your Android device. What is surprising is that Windows phone users are also getting this feature in the beta build.

How many users can be added to Group Video call in WhatsApp?

A total of 4 users or participants can be added including the person who started the call. The screen will be divided into four squares with each square alloted for each user.

Steps to start and add members in WhatsApp Group Video Call:

Launch WhatsApp and go to any user who you want to start the Video call with

On the top right corner of the display, tap on the “Video Camera” icon.

Once the call starts you can see an icon – “Add participant“, tap on it

You will be seeing the contact list, tap on the user you want to add to the Audio / Video Call.

At the moment you can only add one user at a time and to add a third user you need to follow the same step as above.

Note: only the host or first caller can add participants and only one user can be added at a time.

It is a very good feature and a must-have feature in Instant messaging apps to stay in the competition with many other Apps like IMO etc having this feature already. But with the number of users, WhatsApp has and it’s reach in rural population it can be a very good addition and will help in keeping the App on top of its game.

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