How to Lock your Netflix profile using 4-digit PIN code

Netflix has rolled out a new feature in the recent update which lets you lock your profile using a 4-digit pin to prevent other users from viewing your profile. This feature comes along with Parental control in the recent update. With this new PIN lock feature for your profile, you can lock your personal profile in your Netflix account to prevent your friends or family who use the same account from using your profile to view content which mixes up the recommendations. If you have kids or elders using your account and by setting a PIN to your profile you can make sure that they do not see your recommendations or your viewing History.

Let us look at how you can set a PIN code to your personal profile in the Netflix account to secure your profile.

How to Set a PIN to lock your profile in Netflix account:

Step 1: Go to from your smartphone or Laptop/PC web browser

Step 2: Log-in to your account by entering the credentials

Step 3: Now click on “Account” which is seen when you open the drop-down menu by placing your mouse on your profile picture on the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Click on the arrow beside the ‘Profile and Parental Controls’ section on the ‘Account’ page

Step 5: Click on the arrow beside the Profile which you want to set the PIN for

Step 6: Now click on the “Profile Lock” option and then click on “Change

Step 7: You need to enter your login credentials once again to verify after which you will get the option to set the PIN code to your profile

Step 8: Enter your desired 4-digit PIN code and select the option “Require a PIN to access profile” which makes it a must to enter the pin when you or anyone else want to see your profile.

You can follow the same process to set the PIN to any other profile in your account and change the PIN also following the same steps. Amazon Prime has also introduced the option to create profiles for each user separately.

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