Facebook: How to invite all Friends to like your Facebook Page or Event in One Step

Everyone is having a Facebook Page these days, and to get likes we have to select each friend from our friends list and then “Invite” them separately. It is a very strenuous process and irritating many times, i myself could not invite more than 15 people at once and used to close the invite box. Then i came across this Plugin for Google Chrome which lets us invite all our Friends easily without much work to be done.

This Plugin is useful in case you want to invite all your friends at the same time. If you are a Dentist like me and a Blogger you will have 2 sets of friends so i cannot particularly use this because i cannot invite my Blogger friends to my Dental Page. So make sure all your friends share the same interest.

This Plugin also helps you in Inviting all your contacts in your friends list to an Event which you have posted.

Plugin Name:

How to Use Facebook Invite Them All to Invite all your friends in your Friends list to your Facebook Page or Event in One Step:

  1. Install Facebook Invite Them All on your Google Chrome
  2. Now you need to Login to your Facebook Account and go to your Facebook Page
  3. Then go to Build Audience > Invite Friends and Search All Friends
  4. Do not select any friends in the list
  5. Now Click on the “F” facebook logo – Extension in the right side top of your Chrome beneath the Minimize, Maximize and Close optionsHow to invite all your friends at once to your Page or Event Facebook Invite them all Plugin
  6. Click on Submit and it will select all your Friends automatically How to invite all your fb friends at once to your page or event in google chrome or firefox
  7. Now all your Facebook friends will be selected and this might take sometime if you have more than 1000 friends like i do. So keep patience

You have successfully invited all your friends to like your Page or to your event in the most easiest way possible.


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