How to install WhatsApp on Nokia X X+ and XL using APK files

In the latest Nokia X, X+ and XL devices which are being sold at a brisk pace in the market are facing complains from the customers as they are not supproting WhatsApp in the Nokia Store.

In the latest Nokia XL series WhatsApp is available from the Nokia store but recently many people are faing the error of WhatsApp – Sorry, your device is not supporoted” while tapping the app icon to launch the app.

So we are going to help users of Nokia X and X+ who want to use WhatsApp on their devices by showing them the step by step tutorial of How to install APK files for WhatsApp on X and X+ and in case of XL users you can install the app using APK files to avoid getting the device not supported error.

Note: Installing Apps from APK files downloaded from  official or unverified sources other than the ones we have mentioned can be risky as they are not authenticaed and can sometimes contain Virus or malware which might affect your device performance so do this on your own risk and we are not responsible for any problems which might occur.

Update: 13th – September – 2014 WhatsApp downloaded from 1mobile market is working and registrations are accepted

Install 1mobile market and download Whats App from that:

The more simpler trick is to install the 1mobile market app from the App store of your phone.

  1. Go to Home screen and tap on Store to launch it.
  2. Now in search you have to type in “1mobile” or “moboginie” and search
  3. The 1mobile market app should be installed
  4. After installation you have to launch the Market App which also has android apps.
  5. Type Whats App in Search and you will be getting the Whatsapp application as the first result with around 55k ratings so that is the original one tap on the Install button.
  6. When you hit the Install button a pop up box appears saying “Blocked” saying it is installed from unkown source so you have to follow the next steps to install it.
  7. Now Tap on the settings button which is seen in the pop up box
  8. And scroll down to find the Unknown sources tab which should be opened
  9. You will find a pop up box telling you about the problem which might occur for vulnerability to attack by allowing installation from unknown sources.
  10. Tap on OK button in the pop up box.
  11. Now go back to the 1mobile market and search for whats app and hit the install button and you will be asking for your permission to install Whatsapp.
  12. After installation you will be getting an option to Open the app and you will be getting the welcome to whats app page where you have to tap o Agree and continue
  13. You will asked to enter your number to activate Whatsapp on your device with the particular number.

1mobile market app install the application using apk files and hence you need to change the unknown sources setting off to let the application be installed.

Installation of Whats App Plus by APK file:

From the recent update there is a message coming after installation of WhatsApp which is “Finish Registration First” which can also be eliminated by the Step 11 in the first tutorial which we have mentioned below.

  1. Uninstall or remove all the Whatsapp files on your device
  2. Download WhatsApp apk file from the below given link:
  3. Whats App Plus download link. In you are facing the verification Error refer to the end of this tutorial for the solution.
  4. Now change the Date from today’s date to anything earlier than 15th June 2014 and save it.
  5. Install the apk file in your device.
  6. Complete your WhatsApp registration process.
  7. After Registration is completed you have to launch your browser and go to or you can directly tap on the link if you are on your device after reading the full post.
  8. Here you will be finding the Download Now button which you should tap on
  9. Your browser will start the APK file download immediately
  10. After the WhatsApp APK file download is finished, tap on the downloaded file or go to any file manager and go to the apk file and you will be seeing an Blocked Error on most devices and if your App installer launches automatically.
  11. In case of Blocked Error you have to go to Settings > Unknown Sources and tap on the option and press OK to allow installation of apps from Unknown sources
  12. Now you should go back and tap on the Install button in your app installer to start he process of installation.
  13. After the installation is finished you have to tap on the Open button to launch WhatApp and if are getting the “Device not supported” error and you should go back to Homescreen
  14. Do not worry if you are getting the Device not supported error all you have to do is long press any app and you will be getting options from the bottom of your screen.
  15. you have to select the icon on the Right of your screen, now scroll down to find the “Whatsapp Chat Widget” tap on it and now you can use Whatsapp without any error.

Update: 08/08/2014

Note: If you are facing the Date Verification Error after installing Whatsapp where the verification message or code is not being sent then you have to follow these steps to solve it.

  1. Before you start the above-mentioned procedure you have to go to settings in your Nokia device.
  2. Go to Date and Time and tap on it
  3. Now change the Date from today’s date to anything earlier than 15th June 2014 and save it.
  4. Now follow the above-mentioned steps to install the application and you can get the verification code too.
  5. Now after completely registering your device you can go back to settings and change the date back to today’s date and enjoy WhatsApp.
  6. If you are still facing a verification error you have to download the older version of WhatsApp v 2.11.481 and also follow the above steps of changing the date to anything earlier than June 15th 2014.

 how to install whats app in nokia x x+ and xl

Note:  if you don’t have any message or notification on your fastlane and you need to open whatsapp immediately go to any contact and click on message and then click on whtsapp to get enter into whtsapp messenger.


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