How to Install Hydrogen OS in OnePlus One

OnePlus which had released their own home grown OS the Hydrogen on May 28th 2015, the Hydrogen OS was unveiled to the users in its Beta version. With OnePlus delivering on their promise of releasing their own OS let us have a look at what the ROM has to offer and How good the OS is compared to others.

Steps to Install Hydrogen OS in OnePlus One:

Firstly you need to be part of their beta group to get hands on Hydrogen OS, if you are already a member then you will be getting the OS easily in case you are not a member of the beta group and have no clue about it just follow the links which were shared by users in the beta group providing us mirrors to download and install the OS. Download links for the OS – Hydrogen OS download links.

The OS is around 618 MB in size and there are certain torrents too available in the thread mentioned above to help you make the download finish faster and in unreliable connections which you do not trust with.

Things which are required before you start the installation process:

  • OnePlus One with an unlocked Bootloader
  • Custom Recovery tool installed – the one we are using is TWRP

Coming to the Steps to install Hydrogen OS:

After you have downloaded the Hydrogen OS ROM zip File either into your computer or directly into your OnePlus One device make sure that it is stored in your internal storage.

After this you have to Reboot your device into Recovery mode

From here you have make a backup of your existing ROM which is a must as this will help you in getting back your older ROM if something goes wrong during the installation process.

After the backup is completed you have to scroll through the options in the recovery menu and Wipe all Partitions available except the Internal Storage (this is where your Hydrogen OS ROM file is located) and USB-OTG files.

Now locate the downloaded Zip file through Recovery and install it.

The installation process takes place automatically and might take a few minutes after which you have to manually reboot your device.

After this the first boot up might take some time so do not worry that its stuck or anything like that. This is said to take some time because of all the 111 pre installed applications have to get installed and ready to be used.

Now you will be greeted with the Boot up screen where you will be able to select the language and thankfully English is an option along with two Chinese languages.

How to Install Hydrogen OS in OnePlus One

Next will be the Baisu IME for OnePlus account sync which will connect to network and also sync your contacts.

The next page will be the location services user agreement etc which should be “I agree”

That’s it you are now done with the installation of Hydrogen OS for your OnePlus One device. You will be getting another page where in you can setup your OnePlus account.

Now you can check out all the features of Hydrogen OS in your OnePlus One, one of the main surprises which I saw was there is no particular Home Screen in Hydrogen OS rather just some stock Apps in App drawer along with a partial Home screen.

Along with all the usual features there are pre installed apps like the OnePlus market, OnePlus Weather and the Browser which looks a lot similar to the iOS browser. The default search provider is from Baidu and not Google. There are pre installed Google services as well.

Coming to the Conclusion on the feel and experience with the Hydrogen OS, it is quiet a different type of OS which is something new. It is not exactly polished to be perfect in any one segment likethe most customizable, most battery friendly or improves performances  of the device but is a mix of all the above making a decent enough OS for your daily use. It is still in the Beta phase so there will be some changes made and will be more polished compared to what it is now.

So do install the OS and let us know what you feel about Hydrogen OS in your OnePlus. About its performance, UI, Battery Life effect etc.

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