How to hide whatsapp Photos, Videos and Audio files from Gallery in Android devices

Whatsapp the most popular chatting platform at the moment and there are millions of photos being shared everyday and some are personal and some just for fun asn you must be knowing that whether they are private or not all these can be seen in your android phone Gallery App in the Whatsapp folder.

So when you give your phone to your friend to looks at some photos and they suddenly see your personal photos on your device it turns out to be quite embarrassing which we are here to solve by letting you know how you can easily Hide pictures or photos from appearing or being shown in your Gallery App.
how to hide whatapp photos, videos and audio files from gallery in android devices
You do not need any rooted phone or anything but you have to first download a File Manager App like ES File Explorer, Astro File Manager or Total Commander etc. After installation of these files you can follow the given below steps and hide your Whatsapp photos and images easily from prying eyes and have some privacy and peace of mind while giving your phone to others.

Steps to Hide Whatsapp Photos or Images, Videos or Audio Files from  Gallery App in Android:

For hiding Videos and Audio Files: Follow the same steps mentioned below by selecting the Video folder or Audio Folder instead of the Images Folder.

  • Launch your File Manager App which you have installed or have one already on your device.
  • Go to WhatsApp folder in the files section under SD Card, if you are not able to find the folder type WhatsApp in Search
  • Now Tap on the WhatsApp folder to open it From the folders available you have to tap on the Media Folder to open it
  • You can find various folders like Wallpaper, Audio, Profile, Video, Voice and WhatsApp Images. Tap on WhatsApp Images to open it.
  • After you enter the Folder you can see your WhatsApp images, at the bottom or top of the screen depending on which file manager you are using you can find a “+” symbol and tap on it
  • A new Pop up box can be seen where you have to Add a New Folder, Tap on “File” In the Box appearing you have to create a File named “.nomedia” and tap on OK.
    how to hide whatapp photos, videos and audio files from gallery in android
  • After the file is created go back to your phone’s Gallery app to make sure that the WhatsApp images folder is Hidden.
  • If the WhatsApp folder is not hidden and you are still able to see your whatsapp images folder in Gallery you have to Clear Cache and Clear Data of WhatsApp application: Go to Settings -> Tap on Applications -> All Apps -> Scroll for Whatsapp -> Tap on it to open -> Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data Buttons in the page.
  • After you have cleared the cache and data go back to your gallery and now the files will be hidden and you will not be able to see the folder.

How to See Hidden WhatsApp folder or Images, Videos or Audio files in Android Gallery: 

After you have hidden the photos you want to see the photos or videos or audio files yourself and they are missing so you have to follow these steps to unhide the hidden whatsapp folder.

  •  Go to your File Manager which you have used to hide the Whatsapp files and go to settings and scroll down in the options to find the Show Hidden Files option.
  • The Show hidden files option will be “OFF” and you have to turn it “ON” to be able to see hidden files which are the whatsapp photos folder.
  • And after you are done with seeing the photos you can again hide the folder by turning off the the show hidden files option in your file manager.

Note: Do not search for the .nomedia file in your file manager and try to delete it to see the hidden files, just follow the above mentioned technique. 

This is a simple trick to maintain your privacy even when you give your device to other people who can see other photos and videos but will not be able to see your WhatsApp Images, videos or audio files.

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