How to hide WhatsApp Photos and Videos from Phone Gallery

With an increase in the number of Groups in WhatsApp (P.S: Family groups which we cannot get out of) the number of images and videos being sent right from Good morning Photos, Gifs and Videos to Goodnight ones our phones start losing storage space or memory fast. But among all these, there are certain important photos or videos which you want to hide from some of the pesky friends and relatives who sneak into your Gallery and check out all your photos.

There is a way to hide the WhatsApp photos and videos from others which involves using your devices File Manager or any third party File manager which lets your edit Folder names. Follow the steps mentioned below to hide WhatsApp Photos and Videos from Gallery.

How to hide WhatsApp images and Videos from Gallery:

You need to use the native File Manager App on your Android device or you can install any third party File Manager application from Play Store.

Tap on File Manager or Files Application on your Android device to launch it

Now tap on Internal Storage option from the list

Now tap on WhatsApp and then tap on Media

How to hide WhatsApp Images and Videos from Phone Gallery in Android

In the Media folder, you need to Rename the folder which you want to hide

Rename the folder to anything you want to but with a dot *.* or you can just rename the folder as “.WhatsApp Images” and save it to hide it from the gallery. The same should be done with the “.WhatsApp Videos

Note: The dot in front of the folder name prevents the system from scanning the folder and thus hiding it from Gallery.

There is a catch with this method as your system will be creating a new folder when you receive new images or videos after creating the folder. To fix this you can copy the “.nomedia” file from the Sent folder in the WhatsApp Images directory. That is it, but if you want to check your WhatsApp photos and videos you need to access the File Manager application to do it.

Please let us know in the comments section if it helped or not, and also mention if any other technique with which you could hide the WhatsApp Photos and Videos folder from Galler Application.

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