How to hide WhatsApp Messages Preview on iPhone

WhatsApp has become the go to messaging application for users across the globe, by being free and providing all the required features which are needed to communicate like, Voice calling, Video calling, share Videos, photos and GIF’s it has replaced SMS and even to an extent Skype for these purposes. With the addition of  groups as a feature in WhatsApp, we have see that you will be added into many groups – Family, friends, work, locality etc and it makes it difficult to exit the groups.

So the number of unwanted messages have increased, apart from this, WhatsApp is also used for sharing private information and by default, whenever you receive a message, a notification is shown on the Lock screen or pop up with the senders name and a preview of the message which is received (starting few words of the message). In case these are private messages and your phone is in someone’s hand it makes it awkward for you to ask them to not look at the message. So for this, there is an option built in to WhatsApp which allows you to prevent the Preview of the Message in Notification from being Shown and just the senders name is seen in the Notifications.

How to Hide or Turn Off WhatsApp Message Preview on iPhone:

Step 1: Tap on WhatsApp to launch the App on your iPhone

Step 2: Tap on the Gear Icon – Settings option in the bottom right corner of the screen

Step 3: Under settings tap on Notifications

Step 4: Here you will find the option “Show Preview“, tap on the Toggle button on the right of it to turn it Off

How to Hide WhatsApp message preview in iPhone

You are done, following these steps will prevent WhatsApp from showing the preview of the messages which you might have received as notifications in your iPhone or iPad device. You will now be seeing only be seeing the umber of messages received along with the senders name in the Notifications.

If you wish to see that preview of the WhatsApp message in the notification again, follow the same steps and tap on the toggle witch to turn it back on.

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