How to Hide Notifications Content from Android and iPhone Lock Screen

When we are working in an office or when we are at home we have our phone on the table in our reach while working. It’s very easy to have a glance at the notifications directly from the lock screen. With the notifications showing part of the WhatsApp messages, emails etc can be seen on the Home screen itself and this can be seen by others as well. No one wants others to see these personal messages and the best way to hide the notifications from the lock screen is to either keep your phone in private away from others view or hide notifications from appearing on Lock screen.

Let us see how you can Hide notifications on Android and iPhone to keep your personal messages and mails really personal without letting others have a glance at them.

How to hide notification content on Android:

Hiding the notification content option was first introduced with Android Lollipop 5.0. Android adopted the feature from iPhone to pop those notifications directly from the lock screen. This option can be found under Sounds & notification setting. Scroll down until you get the Notification section and there you can find an option When device is locked. Tap on that and select the option Hide Sensitive notification content. From now, you will get the notifications from the apps, but the content will be hidden on the lock screen. If you tap on the App notification, you can see a list of apps installed on your device and you can block the notifications from the apps and even make a priority that brings it top of other notifications.

Note: Hiding of notification content from lock screen fails to work on Android when you use any 3rd party lock screen apps and there might be some settings available to manage them so that they can work properly.

Hiding notification content on iPhone:

There are two ways to hide the notification content on iPhone.

How to hide notifications in iPhone

  1. The first method is to go through the settings of the individual app. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger gives us the option to hide the sensitive content from the lock screen. You can just turn on the Do Not Disturb option for the particular thread.
  2. The second method is to mute the notifications from the iPhone settings. All you need is to just search for the app which you wish to disable the notification and turn off the Show on lock screen option. By doing that, you will just get the notification sound and everything, including the name of the app, will be hidden from the lock screen.

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