How to Hide or Not show “Last Seen” in Instagram

Instagram is the leading Photo sharing app with millions of users and one of the latest features which has been introduced is the “Activity Status” which shows the Last seen time of the users similar to the one seen in WhatsApp. If you are someone who is not happy with others knowing when you were last online. Instagram has an option to turn off the last seen status in Instagram on iOS and Android devices.

To turn off the last seen status option you need to turn off the “Show activity status” option from settings. The feature is enabled by default and your friends or other users can see the time when you were last seen and also see whether you are typing at the moment. Other friends or followers can see the last seen option in the Direct messages section in your iOS or Android devices.

How to hide last seen status in Instagram by turning activity status Off

Who can see my Last seen status in Instagram?

It can be seen only by people who follow you and anyone who send you a Private message

How to Turn Off or Hide Show Activity Status or Last Seen Status in Instagram for Android or iOS:

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application on your iOS or Android smartphone, on the bottom right of the display tap on the My Profile icon

Step 2: Now tap the three dot icon seen on the top right corner of the display to launch the Options menu in Android and tap on the Gear Icon seen next to the Edit Profile option for iOS devices

Step 3: Scroll down in the options menu all the way to the botton where you will find the option Show Activity Status

Step 4: To turn it Off you need to tap on the Toggle Switch once, it will turn Grey from Blue which is Off

You are done, if you want to turn it on in the future, you can follow the same steps and turn on the Activity status option to show the last seen time stamp to your followers.

Android Users: We have seen that, after turning the Toggle Off the last seen time stamp is not instantly removed. You need to close the Instagram application from the recent apps and re-open it or you go to the Apps section from Settings and Force Stop the Application and relaunch it.

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