How to get Video Calling Feature with WhatsApp 2.16.318 APK

We have been hearing about the Video calling feature in WhatsApp from quite some time and with the Google Duo App bringing Video calling feature to Android users it was just a matter of time that WhatsApp introduced this feature into their Instant Messaging App. WhatsApp has introduced Video calling feature in Windows phones before the Android and iPhone much to everyone’s surprise, but they have now introduced this feature for Android and Apple users as well not with an official update but with the APK file for the WhatsApp version 2.16.318.

The current version being used is WhatsApp 2.16.316 which does not have the Video calling feature. We have downloaded and installed the WhatsApp 2.16.318 version in Android device and tested it, it has worked but the quality of the video and audio is not top notch but it can be expected as this is the start and the servers might be flooded with calls.

how to get video calling in whatsapp

How to get Video Calling in WhatsApp with version 2.16.318 APK:

  • Download the latest APK file here – WhatsApp 2.16.318
  • Install the File in WhatsApp after backing up the old App and uninstalling it from your device.
  • Now after go to the Files section and launch the APK file which then gives the Install option, tap on it and the installation will be completed
  • Now launch the App and enjoy out the Video Calling feature in WhatsApp

get whatsapp video call in any android device

Steps to place a Video Call using WhatsApp?

  • Launch the latest version of WhatsApp on your device
  • Now tap on any friend in your list who you wish to place a video call to
  • On the Top of the Chat you can see the “Call” icon which was used for placing an Audio call earlier, tap on it
  • Now you will be getting two options to choose from – Voice call or Video call
  • Tap on Video call and this will launch the camera App and you are all set to make the video call

You might be having a doubt – Can you place a call to a person with the older version of WhatsApp 2.16.316 ? – The answer is yes, we were able to make a call to a contact with the older version of the app but they were not able to make a call on their own. So it seems like users with older version of the app can receive a Video call but will not be able to place a call as they will not be getting the option to place a Video call.

It is a great feature to use in WhatsApp as most of our family and friends are in WhatsApp and it will be easier to make them understand Video call compared to ask them to shift to other apps like Google Duo or Skype which are much more complicated and for elders it is quite a task to understand a new app all over.

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