How to get Old Facebook Chat back in Chrome Browser

The new Facebook chat seems to be inspired from the latest iOS 7 concept of being Simple and flat and it really does seem like Chat box taken from Apple iOS. And if you are here that means you too want to go back to the Old Facebook Chat and here after searching a lot for ways to do it finally found a Simple technique which can get back the Old Facebook Chat to your Desktop.

But this can only be done with the Chrome Browser and as many of us are using it i guess this post will be helpful to get you back to the Old Facebook Chat Box. We are going to take the help of Google Chrome Extension called0 “Social Reviver” which as the name suggests revives the old Facebook appearance. As many people are not satisfied with the new makeover that Facebook got after some major to get old facebook chat box

How to get back the old Facebook features with Social Reviver App:

  1. Launch Google Chrome
  2. Go to Google Play Store and open Extensions
  3. Search for SocialReviver or Click on this Link to take you directly to it – Social Reviver App
  4. Instal the Extension on You Google Chrome Browser
  5. Restart your Browser
  6. And you can see the changes like getting back the old 2011 Facebook look and layout and also the Old Chat Box

Socialreviver gets you all the following features to help you get back the old and better Facebook features:

  • Get the old Classic 2011 Layout of Facebook
  • Get the Old Facebook Timeline back
  • Get the old Facebook Chat Box
  • Remove “read” message option in Facebook Chat box
  • Get all the Games and Feed requests in one place

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