How to get Lollipop Dialler like look in any Android device

There are many fans for the latest Android Lollipop version from Google and this is because of the minimalistic and neat design of the User interface which can be seen in every aspect of the OS. There is one problem which makes it difficult for all Android users to enjoy the features of Lollipop, Manufacturers are not giving out Android Lollipop update too all their devices which is because the respective companies have their own skins over the Android Lollipop OS which takes them time to make it customized and send the updates out to customers.
How to get Android lollipop like dialer in any android smartphone

If you do not wish to wait for the update and are in love with the Lollipop dialler and want one for yourself then here are few apps which I have found to be the most useful from the huge list of diallers available in Play Store.

These are the few apps which I tried and found useful:

Dialer Theme Droid L white: This is one of the best themes in the list of apps available in Play Store, but to activate the Lollipop like Dialer we need to install two apps namely ExDialer and ExDialer Android L White themes. Tap on the links to go to Play Store and install the applications. The ExDialer Android L White is free but the ExDialer comes with a 7-day free trial which can be extended to pro version with the in-app purchases, if you are really interest or like the dialer you can upgrade it to the pro version and if you are not interested in spending some money you can check the next app which is free.

Install the applications and then go to Settings -> App Preferences now tap on theme and then from the list of themes select Android L White and tap on Apply. You can even activate the theme by tapping on the theme icon from the apps drawer and tap on apply. After this you have to adjust the size of the dialer to suite your smartphone and you can do that by going to Preferences -> Appearance and then disable “Display ABC and ABC at Right” and now adjust the width and height according to your smart phones screen size. You have to manually try and adjust the dialer size height and width till it fits your device display perfectly.

Lollipop Dialer: This is another Lollipop Dialer App which will let you mimic the Android Lollipop 5.0 Dialer and this dialer is free and will let you get the dialer and Contacts in Lollipop style. After installing the Application. You have to follow the same steps and mentioned for the above app and adjust the height and width according to your display size.

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