How to get Chat heads for Facebook on Google Chrome

Facebook had released the floating chat heads option for their messenger app in Android and iOS run devices last year. The floating chat heads were really useful as they show up when a new message is received with the users profile picture. Chat heads let you view and reply to the messages received without leaving your actual screen, this is really useful when you are in between some important work and reply in an instant.

The Chat heads feature was available only when Facebook messenger application was installed in your Android or iOS device. If you want to get the same Chat Heads feature while you are working on your laptop or PC, you can get them via Google Chrome by installing an Extension called This extension is really helpful as you can view and reply to the messages directly in the chat heads without going to your Facebook tab.

facebook messenger like chat heads for laptop or pc

Steps to get Chat Heads for Facebook in Google chrome for Laptop or PC:

  • Launch Google Chrome and Log into your Facebook account
  • You have to install Extension, you can directly go to the page by clicking – link or by searching for the extension from Google Chrome.
  • Click on Free+ icon on the right side top corner and click on ‘Add’ of the extension page to add the extension to your Google Chrome browser.
  • After the extension has been added, you will be seeing a F symbol on the right side top corner of your browser, this confirms that you have successfully installed the extension and you are ready to go.

Now that the extension has been added to your Google Chrome, you will get a chat head similar to that in your mobile even while you are accessing other tabs in Google chrome. You can directly view and even reply to the received messages from the chat head without going to Facebook Tab which makes it pretty easy and helpful.

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