How to get Apple iOS 7 or Android Kitkat Look on Nokia XL

Nokia XL is the second Android based device from Nokia which was a bit appretiated by Nokia fans who just hated Nokia X for all the right reasons as it seemed to be just a testing device for the Nokia + Andorid combination. Coming to Nokia XL there have been quite some bad reviews about the device not supporting certain Apps and the most important one being WhatsApp which many users just hated and had to go through many tricks to get it activated and after each update from Nokia WhatsApp stopped working.

  • How to get WhatsApp for Nokia XL
  • How to fix device not supported error for WhatsApp in Nokia XL

Nokia XL is having an interface which we can say is a mix of the Tile interface of Windows Phone and Android OS nad many users are not big fans of the OS either, so many users are looking to tweak their operating system look and for users who are not fond of Rooting their device to get the look they want here are some simple tricks which can be used to get the Andoir OS look or Apple OS 7 look on your device.

  1. On your Home screen Tap on the Nokia Store App
  2. Then in Search box type iOS 7 Launcher for turning your device screen to look like iOS 7 and type Launcher’s for Android where you will be getting many Launcher’s from which you can select the one you like and activate it.
  3. You have to select the launcher and make it as the primary Launcher for your device

These themes will just act as skins on your device by changing the App icons to look like iOS 7 or Android OS like Kitkat etc. These simple tricks will be easy to install and does not affect your device in any manner or make then slow unless you have less amount of memory left on your device.

Do share in comments your favourite Launchers so that other users can find it easy to select rather than trying out all Launchers which is a huge waste of time.

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