How to Fix/Solve Error 919 in Google Play Store while installing apps

While updating or downloading an application from Google Play Store some users are complaining of an Error 919 which is preventing updating or downloading of the application. Some users are facing a problem with just one application and some with many so you have to check if you are facing the problem with all or one.

Another thing which you should keep in mind is to check if your device memory is full as this error can be seen if your device memory is full and as your applications will be saved on your device, in case of full memory your application will not be saved and this error will be seen.

How to solve or fix error code 919 in google play store installing application

You will be seeing “Error – Unknown error code during application install: “919”

Solutions or Fixes to other errors faced while installation of apps in Google Play Store:

So before you try the steps shown below check if you have enough space on your phone. So make sure that you clear enough space which should be almost double the size of the app you are installing. You can delete some applications or some images or videos from your phone memory to free space and try installing again.

Use different Internet Connection to solve or fix error 919 in Play Store:

This is the simplest solution to solve or fix Error 919 in google play store. If you are facing the error while installation or update while using your wifi then you have to try by using your mobile internet connection to install the application.

If you are facing the error while using your mobile internet connection then try using your wifi connection to install the application which was found to be mostly successful in many users. But the fact that you cannot do it in case of huge games or applications which are more that 50 MB you have to try the next step in such cases.

Clear Cache to solve or fix error 919 in Play Store installation:

All you have to do is clear Google Play store cache and data which will solve the problem for sure and you will not see error 919 again while installing or updating any application.

  1. Tap on Settings icon
  2. Then tap on Applications and then tap on All
  3. Now search for Google play store application from the list and Tap on it
  4. The Play Store application will open where you can find two buttons Clear Cache and Clear Data, you have to tap on both of then one after the other to clear the cache and data.
  5. Now go back to applications and then tap on Download manager and Clear the data in that.
  6. Now go back to Home screen and then launch Play Store and try to install the application which will be installed successfully now.

These were the two successful tricks which we found useful and hope these will be helpful for you too, but if you find any other way with which you were able to solve this error 919 do let us know so that we can add it to the post which will be helpful to many other users facing similar problem.


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