How to Fix/Solve Black Screen after making a call in Windows phones

Many Windows phone users and especially Nokia Lumia device users are facing this issue of getting a Black Screen After making a call and the device touch becoming unresponsive for some times after the call. We all know that the device screen turns off when you get a call and place the phone near your ear thanks to the proximity sensor located on top of the screen.

The Unresponsive or Black screen after the call makes it difficult to End the call. Many users have faced this issue in Nokia Lumia phones and especially in Lumia 720 and 920.
how to fix black screen in windows nokia lumia devices

There are many solutions to fix this black unresponsive screen after making a call in Windows Nokia Lumia devices which is gathered from many users who faced the same issue and solved it successfully.

Press the Power Button: Press the Power button twice to turn the display back on and you can end the call immediately after the display turns on.

Screen guard or Protective Cover: If you are using a Screen guard on your device screen and if the screen guard is covering the Proximity sensor after making a call your prints can fall on it and make the sensor active and turn your screen off. All you have to do is to clean the Area above the proximity sensor and after you end the call cut the part of the screen guard covering the proximity sensor.

Dirt over the Proximity Sensor: Presence of Dirt or any marks over the proximity sensor can cause the sensor to become active and turn the display off thinking it is near the ear when you are on a call. You can just wipe over the proximity sensor with a clean cloth and also use compressed Air from the edges near the sensor with force to clear any dirt stuck inside.

Push the Screen over the Sensor: When you are facing this problem you can remove the black screen by just pressing on the display where the sensor is placed. This can be a hardware issue which should be resolved with the Nokia technician and the trick which we are telling is just a temporary fix.

Show at Nokia Showroom or Priority: This is the last resort and the one you should do if you are having warranty and if you are facing the same problem even after trying all the above tricks.


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