How to Fix “Your Device’s Trash is Full” in Google Photos

For someone who keeps changing phones regularly, to review them Google Photos is a boon as it lets you sync your photos across devices without worrying about loosing some important photos. But recently there has been a error popping up when you are trying to Delete photos from Google Photos, the Error pops up asking us whether you want to “Delete item Permanently?” with the message  “Your device’s trash is full. If you delete this item, it will be removed permanently from your device & account.”

After seeing this message – Device Trash is full, the first thing which I did was check whether my storage space was full but there was space, then I realised that the message Device storage is full refered to the stoage in Google Photos and not your device. Trash in Google photos is similar to Recycle Bin in Windows, where deleted photos etc are stored in Recycle Bin before being deleted. So the photos you delete in Google Photos from your phone are stored in Trash for 60 days and then get deleted automatically.

Your devices trash is full error in Google Photos

How to Fix Your device’s trash is full Error in Google Photos:

So now we know what the problem is – Trash section in Google being Full as you might have deleted a lot of photos at a time. All you need to do is, empty the trash section and you can start deleting photos in Google Photos without any Error.

Step 1: Tap on Google Photos to Launch it

Step 2: Now tap on the Three line icon on the upper left corner of the display to open the navigation drawer

Step 3: Now tap on the third option – “Bin

Step 4: Tap on the “Three Dot icon” in the upper right corner of the display

Step 5: To Delete All photos from Bin – Now tap on “Empty Bin” option in the drop down

Step 6: To Delete selected photos – Tap and hold on one photo and then select the other photos which you want to delete and Tap on Delete option at the bottom of the screen.

You are done, now you can go back to your Google Photos and start deleting the photos which you were trying to delete earlier. If you are still facing this Error after following the steps mentiond below, you need to clear Cache and Data which will fix this Error – Follow the Steps mentioned in this Video.

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