How to Fix or Solve “Your connection is not Private” Error in Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers being used and there are certain Errors which are being faced by users such as – “Your Connection is not private“. The causes of this Error can be many and we first need to understand what the real cause of the problem is and decide on what the Solution to the problem can be.

The Error which shows up while browsing on Google Chrome Browser in your Windows Laptop or PC –

Your Connection is not Private – Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). NET::ERR_CERT_WEAK_SIGNATURE_ALGORITHM”

How to Fix Your Connection is not private Error in Google Chrome

What are the causes of “Your Connection is Not Private” Error:

There are multiple reasons or causes for the Error to appear, it is best to know what the causes are to make sure that the Fixes are carried out properly.

  1. Due to Chrome Cache and Cookies error
  2. Incorrect date and time settings due to Location
  3. An issue with Installed Antivirus, which is blocking SSL Connection
  4. Expiration of SSL certificate
  5. Internal Browser Error

So depending on the cause, the solutions can be done. Follow the below-mentioned Methods to fix the Error one after the other to see which helps in your case.

Methods to Fix Your Connection is not Private:

Try every step one after the other to see which step works in your favor.

Method 1: Clear Cache, Cookies and Data in Browser:

Sometimes the Error can be due to previous cache or Cookies and Data which might be corrupt. Follow the steps mentioned below to clear cache, cookies and data from your Chrome browser.

  • Click on the three dot icon on the right side top corner
  • Tap on Settings from the Drop down menu
  • Now tap on Show Advanced Settings 
  • Under Privacy, click on Clear Browsing Data
  • Now select the top four options and choose the Time frame – “past week or past month” and click on Clear Browsing Data button at the bottom.

This will help in clearing Cache, Browsing data and also Cookies from your Browser which can fix the Error. If not follow the next methods.

Method 2: Change Date and Time settings in your Computer:

Sometimes if the Sync between your Windows Computer and Chrome browser is not proper the Chrome browser cannot verify your SSL certificate which leads to the Error. All you need to do is change the Date and Time settings to Automatic so it is in Sync with your Android browser.

  • Right Click on the Time and Date tab on the lower right border of the screen
  • Now click on Adjust date/time option
  • Under Date and Time, turn on the option – “Set Time Automatically
  • Now close your Google Chrome Browser and Re launch it to check if the Error is back

Method 3: Expiration of SSL Certificate:

In some cases where the SSL Certificate is Expired you will be seeing this Error in your Chrome Browser. This is seen when the SSL certification is expired for the website domain you are visiting.

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