How to Fix “Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped” Error in Facebook App

Facebook is most popular and most used Social Networking Site having more than 1 billion active users across the globe and most of them accessing the site through their mobile application on Android and iOS devices. To chat or to communicate with your Facebook friends there is another application called Facebook Messenger, recently many users have been complaining about facing an Error – “Unfortunately, Messenger has Stopped” while launching the Messenger application.

Many users have reported the Error which is not letting them view, send or receive messages using the Application. So let us look at how you can fix the Error and also check out the reasons for the Error to arise.

Why does this Error Arise:

  • Corrupt Data can be one of the reasons, where certain corrupted files might alter the functionality which might be limited or terminated. Login details are saved in data and that details getting corrupted might lead to this Error.
  • Cache: certain configurations from the app are stored in the device to decrease loading times and make the app function faster. If the Cache files are corrupted, it might lead to shutting down of the application or preventing it from launching.

Steps to Fix “Unfortunately, Messenger has Stopped“:

The steps mentioned below can help in fixing the Error if it is caused due to the files being corrupted in Cache or Data. All you have to do is to clear cache and data.

  1. Tap on the Settings icon in your Android smartphone
  2. Now tap on the Apps option in the list of options
  3. Tap on the three dots icon on the top right corner of the display and select “See all Apps
  4. From the list of App tap on the Messenger app
  5. Tap on Storage option
  6. From the options select “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” options

Now after you have done that head back to your home screen and launch the Messenger app to see whether the error arises again. If this does not help, you need to Uninstall the application and Reinstall it again. If you are acing an

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