How to Fix “Steam is temporarily unavailable” while updating Error

Steam is one of the main gaming portals for many PC gamers as it brings together users from all around the world. Recently there was a problem which we have faced when the Steam client was getting updated, an error popped up in the middle of the update process stating – “Steam is temporarily unavailable, please try later”. This Error is being faced by users while installing the team client or while updating it. At times the updating process was stuck at 0% itself or stops after going to a certain percentage.

To find a solution to this problem we need to first know why this Steam is temporarily unavailable, please try later error is popping up. Steam updates by connecting to the nearest servers to your location and if any of the servers are down this error might appear while updating steam. So the fix to this Error will be to change the location of the server’s to fix the error which should be done manually.

Steam is temporarily unavailable, please try Later Error Fix

Steps to fix Steam is not updating error:

  • Download the Steam Registry Editor – ClientRegistry Toolkit – Link
  • Now Extract and run SteamRegEdit.exe file in your Windows PC or Laptop
  • Go to File > Open and browse to C:\Program Files\Steam\ and open the file named ‘ClientRegistry.blob which will open a new window.
  • Here you need to locate the option “CellId” in the right side list of options and double tap on it to open a pop up box.
  • Here you will find the Value name and numeric value, you have to change the numeric value to to anything between 1-90 changing it from what was earlier given. The change in number will change the region to other Steam servers which will be active.
  • Select “Yes” from the pop-up box which appears to save the changed values.

Now launch Steam client once again which will start updating without any issues. This issue was found with the old steam client and is also being seen in the new steam client as well, this is the easiest fix which has been found with all the other fixes involving playing around with steam files which many do not prefer to do.

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