How to Fix / Solve Error 110 in Google Play Store

Google Play Store gives you a lot of Errors which are sometimes minor ones and sometimes bug you a lot and one such error which we are going to talk about is Error 110 in Google Play Store. There is always a reason behind every Error being faced in Play Store most of the times it is the cache and data but in this case it is the presence of a custom ROM of Android and not in smartphone running on stock Android ROM which are given with the devices from the company directly.

how to solve or fix error 110 in google play store

When and why do you get Error 110 in Google Play Store ?

As said earlier the reasons are basically anything which is not compatible with the device. Mostly it is an Incompatible OS or Version of the ROM installed. It can also be Custom ROM like CyanogenMod or any other such ROM’s which might lead to this Error 110. There are instances where the Error was seen due to any incompatible or unsupported Android Apps. This Error occurs in already installed apps which are unsupported.

So now that we know the reasons for the Error 110 we can now look at the steps which should be taken to Fix or Solve Error 110 faced during installation of Apps from Google Play Store.

Steps to fix Play Store Error 110 while installing apps:

Clear cache and Data:
This is the basic step which is used in any type of error faced in Android devices which might solve the error. So you have to first try clearing the Data and Cache for the Google Play Store app. You can do that by following the below given steps.

  • Tap on Settings in your android device
  • Now tap on Application Manager by scrolling through the options
  • Search for Google Play store app from the list of apps made available to you
  • In the Play Store manager page tap on the Stop or Force stop application and then tap on Clear Cache.
  • Then tap on Clear Data as well.

Now go back to your homepage and launch the Google Play Store App and try installing the application in which you were facing this error. It should most probably be fixed and if its not yet fixed you should try the next method mentioned in the post.

Install the App directly using APK file:

This is another option which can be used to install the application which is causing the error while installation from Google Play Store. You can install any app using its APK file which will be available in the internet. If there is a problem with the parsing of the app file downloaded through the Play Store.

Factory Reset of your device:

This is not an option for users who are having a custom ROM as all the settings will be lost. This can used in devices which are on stock ROM but are still facing this error on multiple Apps and not just one app.

These are the steps which can be taken to fix the Error 110 being seen while installing apps from Google Play Store in devices running on Custom ROM. If you have any other steps which helped you in fixing this error then do let us know so that we can add it in this post to help others.

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