How to Fix or Solve “Unfortunately, System UI has Stopped” Error in Android

From all the errors seen in Android devices one of the most common ones is the “Unfortunately, System UI has Stopped” Error seen in many Samsung users after updating to Marshmallow OS. Other users as well reported the error on their devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS like LG, Xiaomi, LeEco, Lenovo, Motorola etc. The Error can appear at any time, while unlocking the phone, using any app etc. There are multiple reasons for this error to appear.

How to Fix or Solve Unfortunately System UI has stopped Error in Android devices

Why does, Unfortunately, System UI has stopped Error come:

  1. Google App update: many users have mentioned that after updating Google app this error has been seen
  2. Third-party applications
  3. Custom ROM installed devices

Solutions of Fix for “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped Error”:

There are many Solutions for this error as there are multiple reasons for the Error to appear and each cause has a different type of solution for it. Let us start with the simplest solution:

Restart your Android Device: This is the easiest and most effect solution to fix this error

This is the easiest and most effect solution to fix this error in most Android devices. In most cases with a simple restart, the error is fixed without the need for any other solution. So before you go ahead with any solution try out to see if the Error still persists and based on that you can go ahead with the other solutions mentioned below.

To Restart most Android devices, Press and Hold the Power button for a couple of seconds and you will be seeing a pop up or a page giving you the options – Reboot or Restart and Power Off. Tap on Reboot or Restart and your device will be automatically Turned Off and Turned On. Check if the Error is still appearing or the Error has been fixed.

Scan your phone with CM Security App:

Many users have found this solution useful to fix “Unfortunately, System UI has Stopped” and this does not need you to play or change any system settings, apps etc. So try this out before you go ahead with the other solutions. It is pretty straight forward – Install the CM Security App on your Android device -> Launch the App and  Scan your phone with the CM security app. Now close the app and check if you are facing the sam error once again or is it fixed. In case the error is still showing up, check the other solutions.

Uninstall Google App Updates:

As it is suspected to be appearing after updating the Google App we have seen many users “Uninstall Updates” for the Google App to fix this problem successfully. You can follow the steps mentioned below to Uninstall Updates for the Google App to fix this Error: Go to Settings then tap on Application Manager or App -> search for Google App and tap on it -> now tap on Uninstall updates option to stop the updates. Now restart your Android device and check if the Error is fixed or not.

Uninstall any Third Party App:

If you are facing this error after installing any third-party application on your Android device, most probably the App might be the reason for this Error. So the easiest solution is to uninstall the application and see if the Error is fixed.

Wipe Cache partition from Recovery Mode:

Many Android devices with Marshmallow OS have been seen to face the Error due to the cache stored on the devices and it can be fixed by clearing the Cache partition from Recovery Mode. To do this you need to enter Recovery Mode which we will be showing you here –

Note: This will erase the data saved in your apps like high scores in games, messages etc in apps. So it is important to save or back up your app data before going forward with this solution.

  • Phones with Camera button: Press and hold “Volume up + Camera”
  • Most Phones without Camera button: Press and hold Volume Up + Power
  • Samsung devices: Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power
  • Nexus: Volume Up + Volume down + Power

After entering into Recovery mode, scroll through the options using the volume buttons and select the “wipe cache partition” using the power button to delete all the cache files on your device. Now you will get options to Reboot system which will start the reboot process.




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